3 Simple Ways to Develop a Voice for Your Personal Brand

personal brand

Your personal brand is who you are. It’s who clients and prospective employers understand you to be. If you own your own business, it’s who your clients understand you to be.

It is critical that you take the time to develop your personal brand to convey the values for which you want to be known. Developing a voice for your personal brand is a key part of that process. Your brand’s voice is how you communicate with your audience, and it tells your followers who you are, what you value, and why you’re unique. Here are 3 simple ways that you can develop a voice for your personal brand:

Write a Blog

There is no better way to develop your personal brand and to establish your voice than to write a blog. From the tone you use in your posts to the type of information you present, you are telling potential clients a lot about:

  • Your authority in your niche.
  • Your expertise on your subject matter.
  • What you value.
  • The approach you take to your business.
  • How you feel about clients.
  • Your level of professionalism.
  • Your adaptability.

… and much more.

With a blog, you have unlimited opportunity to connect with your audience and to showcase who you are as a professional. If you don’t already have a blog on your personal website, you need to start one now.

Be Yourself

You don’t have to hide behind stilted and boring language to be “professional.” Some of the most successful personal brands are those that have BIG personalities. Consider Derek Halpern of Social Triggers or Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Work Week. If you are in business online, you probably know who these men are, and you can probably immediately “hear” their voice in your head (maybe even literally if you’ve seen some of their interviews or YouTube videos). Watch what I mean:

Don’t be afraid to be yourself — in your writing, in your e-mail communication, in your videos and podcasts. Not only will you be more memorable, but you will create a deeper connection with your followers and your clients.

Be Consistent

You can’t set aside “fun” you for social media and present only “business” you on your blog or website. You must use a consistent voice every time you communicate in order to establish your voice for your personal brand. Make sure you are using the same style, the same tone, and the same voice every time you write a blog post, update your Facebook status, send out a tweet, or write an e-mail to your subscribers. Your voice will naturally emerge, and you will effortlessly create your personal brand.

You cannot avoid your online reputation. These days, who customers think you are online is who you will be. If you want to be successful — whether you own your own business or you are trying to work your way up the corporate ladder — you must tend your online reputation and actively create a personal brand. These tips will help you develop the voice that you want customers and prospective employers to know you for.

What is your personal voice? Tell us how you developed it in the comments!


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