Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne


Freelance writer

To reach your customers, you have to tell a story. You have to give them the information they need when they need it. You have to inspire them. You have to entertain them. Most of all, you have to find a way to connect with them.

I have spent my career crafting writing that connects with people. My name is Maria Magher, and I have worked for more than a decade creating content for print and the web, as a writer and an editor, as a content producer and a designer, and as a marketer and a journalist.

My extensive and varied experience has given me a unique perspective about how to create content that is more than just the words on the page: Articles that tell the stories in our community, web content that tells the story of your brand, and narratives that tell the stories of our lives — all interwoven with compelling photos and graphics, the right design, and the right promotion to make sure that these stories get the exposure they need.


My professional experience includes work as a:

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • Freelance writer
  • Blog writer
  • Social media manager
  • Marketer

My work has appeared in print and online publications, professional websites, and blogs. My work has appeared in:

  • Newsweek Magazine
  • The Raleigh News & Observer
  • The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC)
  • Winston-Salem Journal
  • Mt. Airy News
  • Chapel Hill News
  • Trian Tribune (Durham, NC)
  • The Urban Hiker
  • The Independent Weekly (Chapel Hill, NC)

Other clients have included:

  • Onlinedegrees.org
  • SEO Book
  • Apto Hosting
  • Pace Communications
  • Write Strategy
  • Web Juice
  • Bags of Warmth

In addition to my training as a journalist and professional editor, I also have graduate training in creative writing. I have written an unpublished novel, multiple short stories, and personal essays, and I am working on a serial novel to soon be published on the Kindle. I have also ghost written creative non-fiction books that were used for promotional campaigns and were sold online. I have extensive academic training, and have taught at the undergraduate level and published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and an anthology.

My current focus is on online marketing, from design to content creation. Not only can I create compelling content for your website or blog, but I can also help you market your site, from doing keyword research, to implementing SEO strategies, to link building. I have helped several websites with extensive link building campaigns, helping to drive traffic and search rankings. I also have a proven track record of successful social media marketing, including getting results quickly through increased followers and engagement. Finally, I have helped several businesses create a strong web presence through attractive and engaging web design with quality content to back it up.

Whatever your writing and marketing needs, whatever your audience, whatever your goal, I can help. Please browse my site to see some samples of my previous work, and contact me today to talk about how I can help you tell your story and connect with your customers.