How to Find the Right Freelance Writer for Your Business

freelance writer

The right freelance writer can help you establish your authority in your niche. The right freelance writer can help you define your brand through your site’s “voice.” The right freelance writer can help you get the traffic you need and convert that traffic into sales and leads.

You well know what the right freelance writer can do to help you grow your business, but finding the right freelance writer is often easier said than done. You may deal with flaky writers who don’t meet deadlines, who turn in substandard copy, or who don’t understand what your needs are or how to meet them. It is important to develop a strategy for finding and working with freelance writers so that you establish the right relationship to achieve the goals you have set for your business. Here are a few tips for how you can find the right freelance writer for your business:

Define Your Goals

If you don’t know what your goals are for your content strategy or your website, how is a freelance writer going to know what kind of content to create for you? Whether you are working with a freelance writer or you’re writing the content yourself, you must define your goals for your site and develop a content strategy that will help you to meet them. However, when you decide to outsource your content, you can use these goals to help you research freelance writers who may be able to help you achieve them, and then you can use these goals to guide your conversations with the writer who you choose to hire.

Read Published Clips

One of the best ways to find out if a freelance writer is going to be able to deliver the style and the quality of work that you want is to read their published clips. A professional freelance writer will have plenty of clips available for you to read on their website. However, some ghostwriters and others who are working under confidential agreements may not be able to share these samples publicly. In such a case, you can request the writer to produce a sample article for you, specifically, based on a prompt that you provide. The quality of writing should be a strong indication of the type of quality you can expect to receive.

Check References

Even the best writers can be hard to work with, which can be disruptive to meeting your goals. For example, you may find a writer with excellent clips, but what you don’t know is that those articles were turned in weeks after deadline. It is important to check the references for any person you are considering working with to ensure that all aspects of your relationship will go smoothly. You can call the references the writer provides, but it’s also a good idea to check references independently, calling organizations that have published the writer’s work.

You should also take the time to check out the writer’s reputation online. A quick Google search should turn up information like reviews, forum discussions or comments on blogs from others who have worked with the writer.

Look for Experience

Experience matters. Though you might be able to hire a writer who is just getting started for much less, you will end up paying for it in the time it takes you to manage the person and to send back substandard copy for edits. An experienced freelance writer can create the copy you need in the time that you need it and will provide a professional experience from beginning to end.

There are thousands of freelance writers available on the web to help you write any kind of content that you need. However, you have to think of the bigger picture and choose someone who can do more than offer you the lowest bid. In the end, you get what you pay for, and a professional freelance writer can help you take your business to the next level by giving you outstanding copy that gets results.

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