The following is just a sample of the hundreds of articles I have published in newspapers:

The Mt. Airy News NC


County to look at redrafting old ambulance ordinance, The Mount Airy News, 3/16/2004

Dispute over critical care ambulance to be heard, The Mount Airy News, 4/1/2004

EMS close to offering its own critical-care service, The Mount Airy News,4/1/2004

Critical care ambulance may return to hospital, The Mount Airy News, 4/6/2004

Ordinance changes proposed / Commissioners debate best way to provide critical care for county, The Mount Airy News, 5/19/2004

Final costs are in / EMS upgrade will top $97,000, The Mount Airy News, 5/27/2004

Critical care showing few signs of life, The Mount Airy News, 7/13/2004

Tax bills likely to rise, even if rates do fall, The Mount Airy News, 2/6/2004

Shift in tax base making budget work tough on county commissioners, The Mount Airy News, 3/24/2004

Tax burden shifts in Surry, The Mount Airy News,2/6/2004

Commissioners approve budget with lower tax rate, The Mount Airy News, 6/23/2004

Education is county budget winner, The Mount Airy News, 6/25/2004


Winston-Salem Journal


Drowsy defendant gets judge’s notice as murder trail opens, Winston-Salem Journal, 5/17/2001

Judge cites defendant’s memory, declares mistrial / Suspect can’t understand what’s going on, he says, Winston-Salem Journal, 5/18/2001

Davidson livestock market closes doors / State steps in after farmers report that their checks bounced, Winston-Salem Journal, 6/7/2001

Crowded / Counties face boom in school population, census shows, Winston-Salem Journal, 7/1/2001

United Way lowers its goal / Decrease in money to agencies possible if effort falls short, Winston-Salem Journal, 6/12/2001


Durham Herald-Sun logo

Council takes up search / Police chief replacement topic of today’s meeting, The Herald Sun, 8/26/2002